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    traffic cones

    traffic cones !

    They are everywhere, i drove past 20 mile of the things today - they outnumber people! but.. where the hell do they come from?
    I have never seen or heard of a factory that makes traffic cones or met anyone else that knows. They just seem to appear, could anyone shed some light on where traffic cones come from?
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    They are made in a secret lab at area 51.

    shhh don't tell anyone they'll kill me!
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    They are made by Santa Claus!
    That's why they are orange!
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    ummm. dont know how to say this but traffic cones are orange.

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    i dont know about the usa, but her in the UK, they ar bread in scotland....

    It all started at a haggis farm..... terrbale experiment gone wrong!

    terrable....... really is! but hey, its better than painting the haggis orange and plaving them on the road!
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    There was this little tiny green leprachaun and he jumped up out of a hole and gave me 1000000000000000000000000 orange i just randomly distribute them just THINK they are traffic cones...
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