Thread: Crysis and video drivers

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    Crysis and video drivers

    With the recent news of Crysis I'm afraid to upgrade my video drivers. In the industry now if your card cannot run the latest and greatest Crysis your card sucks so I can just see the video driver programmers scurrying about trying to fix this or that in their driver.

    And with them being released so fast it really makes me wonder what are they breaking in the driver to fix it for Crysis?

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    Is it necessarily breaking something or rather just tweaking something to gain some small measure of extra performance to make the game that much more playable on the various cards?

    Have you got it (the game) and if so does your current setup stutter/lag when playing the game?
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    Or maybe they're fixing something that only shows on Crysis

    The Crysis demo works fine on my PC...

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    >> The Crysis demo works fine on my PC...

    I picked the game up last week, runs... fine... with everything on high (I even went to and turned on some of the "directx 10 only" features (parallax occlusion mapping, "god beams" etc)). Kinda stupid that you have to dig around in config files to force these things on, although I can see why they did it I suppose.

    By fine I mean it's perfectly playable (25-30 FPS all round) although it does occasionally hitch. Occasionally, but when it does it, it does it for about 4-5 seconds...

    It's funny you should mention this though, because since I upgraded my drivers Oblivion and CoD4 have been acting... weird. Like strange glitching weird. Oblivion will occasionally stop drawing altogether if I look in a specific direction, and in CoD4 the first person weapon sometimes disappears (but only in one map in a specific area, so it could have nothing to do with my drivers). Saying that, these problems could just be my new card and not the drivers at all.
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