Thread: My excuse... (America-thread)

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    My excuse... (America-thread)

    After I posted my reply to the America-thread, I remembered to mention one thing: things I brought up were only negative - It's not like I spit everytime I hear the word America mentioned... (I found necessary to mention this after I got flamed pretty badly by some people :-)

    And thanks for Betazep for bringing out that ethnical point of view - never really thought it in such a large scale.

    > I am married to a Fin. I got married in Finland. I plan to settle in Finland one day as soon as my language skills get better. The political climate is good, the crime is low, the schools are good... I have a child to raise.

    Be sure to drop by :-)

    > All i see is mindless, pointless ranting against people who aren't really saying what it is you think you're defending yourself against.

    I think we had some good points among of that pointless ranting...

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