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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
    ....the Pearl Harbor attack sequence is probably one of the best large-scale battles ever filmed. (minus the scenes with Ben Affleck of course).
    yeah, but he was the bomb in Phantoms, yo!
    (for my Kevin Smith fans out there)

    but to add something about blender 3d: thing about it is you can create 3d animations and videos with it. Its a cool program but the problem is, if you want to do 3d animation as a career no one is going to hire you cause you're a blender 3d professional (of course thats not being debated here so its a moot point). but auto desk does put out a learning edition of maya. seems pretty good for a free edition of a software like this. but you can't really make any production quality animation on it because they watermark the rendered product.
    it's available here if you want to take a look.

    and you're looking for the PLE version (personal learning edition).
    i hope this helps you out some.

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    Medal of Honor Pacific Assault has a sequence in the Pearl Harbor level that has some cocky airman on the deck of a ship that looks like Affleck. As you approach him he says 'someone get me into a damn plane' and then he runs off towards the bow and gets blown to bits by a Japanese bomb.

    So I get the feeling the designers of the game were dying to make fun of that cheesy line. Quite humorous and a gaming moment I won't forget.

    You can also get GMax which is a free version of 3DS max with some limitations. Also available are Wings3D and Caligari GameSpace Lite. For a good list you can check out the sticky on game development resources.

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