Thread: Heaven, Hell, and Aetheists/Non-believers

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    to ehsiq

    hehe well my sister tries to convert me all of the time but no one feels betrayed since according to the religion "everyone must choose their own path in life." I guess at some point in time I started thinking things like "Adam and Eve? are we all imbred" and eventually departed from the teachings of any church. I don't plan on killing, stealing, raping, or doing any other act of "sin" so that should be considered close enough for any religious person.

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    I suppose some people need to have something like a deity to believe in.

    It adds and extra angle to their life which they might feel they need.

    (Please note *might*)

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    The funniest thing that I find is that no matter how hard you try, you can never shake my belief. Sure, I question things all the time. You really think that just because I'm catholic, I just listen to everything and go "Yep, so true...that's how it goes!" No, I sit there and think about what someone's saying, or what I'm reading.

    Ok, I'm wondering how if you have absolutely nothing, some matter will just spontaneously appear. Think about it. NOTHING. nothing. _*NOTHING*_. That' means absolutely nothing (get the point? ) and you expect matter to just :oof:: appear? *scartches head* go figure.

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    who cares about the beginning of the universe

    obviously, God created the earth, and then the stars around it, so therefor the Earth should be the centre of the universe, which it has proven to not be.

    from a scientific perspective: maybe the universe followed a strangely different physics when it came into exstance? maybe after a few trillion years the physics of our universe matured to the point that they are at now, where we falsely apply them to times when they didn't hold true?

    just making suggestions...

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    So god created universe from....nothing. he toke a handful of nothing and oof:: he built the universe?... Nah that doesn't compute.
    I can highly recomend to read Dalai Lamas books. I think everyone can find some good points in there, beliver or not.
    I also really enjoyed Stephen Hawikins book "A brief history,,,,"

    I am an Atheist

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