I am constructing a library, named Simple Toolkit Development Environment X, short for Stdex.It includes GUI/Threads/TextToken and some useful things. This library is design to be cross-platform, thread-safe and exception-neutral. The hardest part in the library is GUI, the implementation from Window Manager and Controls is not a easy work.

This is the first time to release this package, the basis is almost finished, the window manager has been worked correctly.

The implementation of GUI control is not a easy work, the complexities are algorithm and logic, and this package contains a few controls which are easy-to-implement.

This version is 0.1.0_alpha2, and the purpose is to need help with implementing some controls and bug tests, I will paste a passage to introduce how to write your own control.

Address http://stdex.sourceforge.net
you can refer to help/index.htm in the package to compile the library.

there are two samples