Thread: WinRar's "library" files

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    WinRar's "library" files

    WinRar has many files like rar.dat, zip.dat, bz2.dat, ect..
    I opened them in Notepad++ to discover that they are executable modules, and most likely dlls. And they have exports like compress and inflate;
    does anyone know how to use these files for my own handling of zip and rar ect files?
    I already used a dll export lister but I need to know how many arguments goto each function.
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    Most likely they aren't publicly documented (I don't think WinRAR is open source).

    You can probably find out the number of arguments and how to call them with a bit of reverse engineering, but you obviously can't rely on that not chaning from one WinRAR version to the next [as these functions are part of the distribution, and not intended for external use].

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