Thread: uninstalling VC++ Express Edition

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    Smile uninstalling VC++ Express Edition

    Does anybody here know how to completely uninstall VC++ Express? I installed SQL with it. I am installing VS 2005 Standard instead. Just wanted to make sure I clean the PC properly first .

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    Does it not come with a uninstaller?

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    Add/Remove Programs? Maybe... look for any Visual Studio 2005 components you currently have installed and uninstall them.
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    I know when it comes to Visual C# Express all I have to do is uninstall three things - Visual C# itself, MSDN, and .NET Framework 2.0. Although you could just skip uninstalling the framework. Of course with Visual C++ you'd want to remove any extras you installed like the Platform SDK.

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    You don't have to remove Express to install Standard. I didn't.

    But you can from the Add/Remove programs if you wish to.

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    I have a question, how do you not have 2005 standard not install Just-in-time debugging system?

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