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Thread: Communist

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    > There is not a single rational reason to believe that gravity, tomorrow, will function differently. Nor is there a single, rational reason to assume that the laws which govern living things will change, either.

    If I kick you in the leg and say I'm sorry, you'll probably forgive me. If I then again kick you in the leg you'll probably kick back.

    > [...] people can have many different properties, and in different circumstances we can become different people, but we remain people, and still must obey the universal laws governing life.

    We can't yet fly or live under water without some man-made devices; these are the things that are physical. Is it that you say that it's impossible for a human live under communism?

    Anyway, let's back up from all these analogues...

    > Communism is great in theory, but in reality it has yet to be proven to work. I'll stick to Democracy.

    BTW, question ``communism or democracy'' isn't a rational one...
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