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    Quote Originally Posted by sept View Post
    This 1)
    ptr = static_cast <int *> ( realloc(ptr, sizeof(*ptr)) );
    is far better readable for me then this 2)
    ptr=static_cast<int*>(realloc(ptr, sizeof(*ptr)));
    I dunno. I would say a balance is important for any coding style. I would write that like this
    ptr = static_cast<int*> (realloc(ptr, sizeof(*ptr)));
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    Quote Originally Posted by ICool View Post
    Im new to C and one of things my lecturer stresses out is that indenting is important, and marks will be awarded for presentation. I had a brief look at this wiki article :
    And it shows a lot of different styles. My question is which one should I , the beginner adopt and which one is used most frequently ? Is white space good ? Shoud I use tabs only or tabs and spaces ?
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    > For nuances for if, else and such I use tabs. Imho tabs are much more easy to write for me (using visual studio).
    > It`s also more easy to change the nuances if you use tabs (in case of removing one of multiple ifs for example)
    1. If you post code to a forum / mailing list, the result is almost always "what we get is NOT what you see". This is even more true if you've set the IDE to be something other than 8 spaces.
    2. The IDE is smart enough to figure out indent. You can for example highlight a whole block of code and press tab to indent one level and shift-tab to undent one level.
    Coupled with auto indent as you type, most of the time it isn't a problem at all.

    > Is there already some program which can change the style of the source? Like 1) to 2) would be awesome.
    Loads of them
    If you have cygwin / Linux, then
    man indent
    info indent

    > Which one does he want to see? Cater to him, because he's giving the grade.
    The first style is that of whoever is giving the marks / writing the pay cheque.
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    I have two styles.....

    The style I use at work. I write assuming someone will have to fix the bugs in the code a few months/years down the track (train pun...).
    I want to make my intent as clear as possible, the code as readable as I can and so (hopefully) make the fix easier. I even put braces around single lines of code. I use 'allman'.

    The style I use when I write code that _only_ I will read again. I write it as fast as possible with few comments and no spaces.
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