Thread: Linux game(uses python)

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    Operating system: linux
    Compiler: /usr/bin/python
    Graphics Library: OpenGL
    Other Libraries: pygame
    Description: Smart Vertical Shooter


    A vertical scrolling touhou-style bullet hell shooter. Gameplay is simple: shoot enemies while not getting shot. The difficulty in the game increases as a genetic algorithm changes the properties of the enemies (the splines they follow across the screen, their bullet patterns, fire rates, movement speeds, so on) to be more effective against you. This means that you can never master this game, because as soon as you do the enemies will adapt and find a new way to win against your strategy.

    This is currently about three days of work for a game class and will get significant polish before I turn it in. I'll keep updating the file that this post links to in the meantime.
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    The Games programming forum is for games/technologies using C or C++. Moved to General Discussion.
    CProgramming FAQ
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitlike View Post
    The Games programming forum is for games/technologies using C or C++. Moved to General Discussion.
    The python interpreter is written in C... it's sort of the same thing not really kinda ok nevermind.

    I'll try it out when I have a chance to grab yaml, sounds interesting

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