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    Cingular is at&t and SBC is also now at&t. So SBC is now also Cingular. Hehe. If a=b and b=c then a=c.

    SBC bought out AT&T but changed the name to at&t because the SBC name had gotten a bad rap due to past poor customer service and also because the at&t name was more widely known. Since the new at&t also wanted to get into the mobile market they then bought out Cingular. This now makes SBC Yahoo DSL now at&t DSL (not sure if they are still Yahoo or what relation at&t has to Yahoo!) and makes Cingular at&t even though they have not officially changed the name. But my billing for both has changed to 1 bill under the name at&t. This now makes at&t one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world and poised to make the other companies shake in their boots.

    I have a brother in law that works for SBC or the new at&t. Notice the new lower case letters. The folks at SBC got a kick out of this I guess.

    You should be able to find a Cingular store in Champaign quite easily. Either go to the mall or Sam's club (requires membership) and talk to the people at the kiosk's or go to a Cingular store. The one thing Cingular has over all other cell phone companies is roll-over minutes. No other company can mimic roll-overs because Cingular not only invented it, they also patented and copyrighted it.
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    awesome - I went to U of I - chicago campus, and spent a semester at the urbana campus. It is a good school, and I know you'll enjoy urbana/champaign. Let me know when you're coming.

    some entropy with that sink?

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    I'm here now and settling down. I was able to call with my phone using my Swedish provider when I arrived, but it is really expensive. It picks up the Cingular network though, so I'll probably get that soon. We'll see.

    I haven't seen much yet, but so far the campus has been quite impressive.
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    The campus is huuuuuuuuuuuge. Hehe. And Illini basketball and football will be starting up soon.

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