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    Since this is my first post I would like to thank all of those people that started this community and all those that made it thus attractive to a brand newbie who decided to start learning C++. I can definatly say that I spent around 6-7 hours Googling and finding different pages but of course they all lacked a point. Some limited themselves with a simple code to create a button and congetulated you on your first program in C++. This portal is the only one that i found so far with complete continues steps from a complete 0 to something to be proud off, and an activity of community members is pleasing too. So here is my simple thanks for dedicating your time and energy to a good cause, I will certainly try to achieve something with community too and put my share in. Cheers!

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    *makes a loop with his thumb and index finger and does a kiss sound through it*

    Thanks for the thanks and many great wishes to your stay here. You'll quickly learn who the bad people (moi) and the good people (pas moi) are.
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    >> You'll quickly learn who the bad people (moi) and the good people (pas moi) are.


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