Thread: So you want to learn C++?

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    So you want to learn C++?

    No I do not get commission from these guys either. I just came across them. It is supposedly free, but I think that you might have to buy materials (like books or CDs). But if you want to learn C++ or other computer languages, this might help you...

    Oh... and this is the C++ instructor... sounds pretty proficient.

    Jan L. Harrington holds a Ph.D. in information systems from Drexel University. A full-time faculty member of the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at Marist College, she has written 29 computer books, including four on C++.
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    We have something like that here in Florida, it's free it's a goverment sponsored program and you even get school credit. The only requirement for it, if you want it to be free it's that you're a resident of Florida, and that your parents and counselors agree. Well I guess that living in Florida has it's benefits after all, and oh yeah you have to be in high school or something.
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