Thread: Hooked on a new game

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    Hooked on a new game

    In case you're wondering where (and why) I suddenly disappeared, I got a new game - Final Fantasy 12, and I've been hooked on it. I'll be at it for quite some time yet. Have any of you had something like this (not neccessarily with a game, but a book, movie, big event, or something else otherwise temporary).
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    Does cocaine count?

    Heh jk. It happens often where you get hooked on things. It generally lasts until you beat the game.
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    Last time that happened to me was God of War 2. I have no idea why they released that game 2 days after 300 came out. Man, was that a testosterone-filled week.
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    Gears of War had me pretty attached to my 360. Forza 2. MGS3. C&C. CoD2/3. GTA series. It happens a lot to me.
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    I beat the cocaine game

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