Thread: How did you learn C programming?

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    learned it all from websites and a copy of the tutorials at that my friend gave me
    I'm taking a course next year just to raise my average

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    Learned C in college from a class. Learned "C++" from a book and a couple discussion sections. Learned better C++ from better books and internet forums like this one. Learned programming from classes in college.

    With the right books you don't need to go to school to learn the language, but it would probably be a little easier. For learning programming in general it is probably much more important to go to school, although still not essential.

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    I took a basic C course in college after I left school and then moved on to uni where I study C++. I still use C for small programs and self projects, its doesnt hurt to know both
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    Books, internet and experimentation... lots, lots and lots of experimentation.
    Annoyingly "Introduction to C" was one of the modules this year in uni - I only attended 3 after talks with my course director
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