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Thread: How many books do you read?

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    How many books do you read?

    See question

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    Depends on the length and my amount of free time - I've been reading Cryptonomicon for pleasure for about a month, just because I haven't had enough time to sit down and read for a few hours. (also, because it's 900+ pages)

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    the hat of redundancy hat nvoigt's Avatar
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    Hannover, Germany
    3-4 non-programming books, less than I like to read. When I still went to work by subway, I probably read a book every two or three days. Quite costly, but fun when you can't do something else on the ride.

    It also depends on who gets new books out. If Tom Clancy had 10 new books, I would probably spent all my sparetime reading and getting close to 10 a month again

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    Reading is a something I really like to do, i'm never not reading a book, takes me about 3-4 days to read a decent sized book, say anything over 600 pages. Thats fiction though, a reference book(a book about learning something)takes longer due to there being many facts to take in I guess.
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    geek SilentStrike's Avatar
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    I haven't volunteerily read a non-programming book in a long time.
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    I'm pretty a methodical reader, I just like to take it all in the first time and not have to re-read. I've read some books in a day, others have taken a month or two. Depends on the author really. As for reference books, well they aren't really for "reading" as such, more as a reference that you look up, or glance at every now and then. Well that's how I see them anyway .

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    &TH of undefined behavior Fordy's Avatar
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    Originally posted by SilentStrike
    I haven't volunteerily read a non-programming book in a long time.
    Yeah me too.......

    I have a number of coding books on the go at the moment......

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    left crog... back when? incognito's Avatar
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    Well my teacher makes us read about 500 pages every nine weeks. So as you can see I have no choice but to read, because then we have to do a book report. But besides this I read programming books on my own.
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    the Corvetter
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    Originally posted by Fordy

    Yeah me too.......

    I have a number of coding books on the go at the moment......
    Same predicament with me too. So many languages, so little time......
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    Hmm... it depends. My experience has been that I can't use my computer and read at the same time, so my practices kinda have to pick a side of the fence. When I do read, I basically go through a book a week. It's quite a nice hobby, although the practice of finding books is fairly irritating.
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    I love reading...the problem is, I love doing a lot of things and time is somewhat stretched. I still read quite a bit though... programming books and something by Terry Pratchett or Robert Rankin... I'm currently reading 5 books. Though granted 2 of them are e-books so I can read when on the internet.

    Do E-books count?

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    >>I love reading...the problem is, I love doing a lot of things and time is somewhat stretched

    Dito x2. (Now i'm sounding like DA.)

    >>Terry Pratchett

    *remembers reading almost all of his books* ... Heh...... heh.... hehehe

    I havent read a single book since Robert Jordan released his latest book in the Wheel Of Time (about a year ago i think). I used to read anywhere between 5 and ten books a month but now... Not sure what happened.
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    I'm on page 428 of C# Primer Plus. I started at the end of Christmas holidays, but school interferes with reading.

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    Although I love reading, I find that I really only read about one a month, if it's a good month. I usually read only a few pages a day, because of time constraints.
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    I love reading, and I used to read several books a month, however, I have slacked off reading for pleasure lately because I must read so much for school. I hope for a day when I can get back to my previous amount of reading. Right now I am slowly (in whatever spare time I have available) reading my way through Le Morte De Arthur. It is the original Arthurian legend. Everybody should read it. It has some pretty interesting things in it that are left out of all other novels about the Arhurian legend I have seen.

    Who has read The Once and Future King? That book is horrible. I also cant believe they make lots of teens read it in school when it is so horrible. It is a freaking King Arthur book with Robin Hood in it! tsk tsk tsk....they existed 500 years apart...
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