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Thread: How many books do you read?

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    I don't typically read books for fun; but, right now, I'm reading (an English translation, of course) Livy's History of Early Rome. It's quite interesting. In this book, you get a good picture of ancient Roman society and values; encyclopedias do not give you this view. The last novel I read was The Lord of the Rings, which I read about four years ago.

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    I usually read whenever I have a free minute.

    Just finished reading William Scott Burrough's Cities of the Red Night for the 4th time.

    It's on my schedule for next month, as I have yet to figure that damned book out!

    Before that it was the Return to Krondor series for Raymond E. Feist.

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    >>> Livy's History of Early Rome.

    I'm currently reading Suetonius's "The 12 Cęsars", (or a translation at least), man those old romans. Unbelievable some of their escapades! When I've had enough political intrigue, murder, bloodshed and depravity, I read a bit more in my current programming book, "Programming with POSIX threads" by Dave Butenhof, also a good book, but less violent.

    I used to read a good deal, but less now as my train journey to/from work is shorter. I don't seem to have time otherwise.
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