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    conspiracies aplenty

    some conspiracies that my friends and i have spotted:
    1. Iowa is a myth
    2. Cuba is, in fact, a boat that was sunk after the cuban missile crisis (that's why you can't go there)
    3. Bill Gates is a Robot
    4. Regis Philbin is a robot
    5. Al Gore's father's family involves an oak tree.

    (this is a joke, in case you haven't a brain)

    what do you think?

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    I fear Al gore will be elected - this following is not a conspiracy theory but one of many possible outcomes.

    A day after al gore is elected you will go to work, and come home. But your family isnt there. You see a peice of paper hanging on the door it reads : "This house now belongs to the politico faction- to lodge complaints drive of a cliff, your new home is the shack across the street were you and your neighboors will be living in until your brand new 300 foot studio apartments are built ".

    You go to your shack, and a man with a machine is tagging your family and all of your neighboors with tracking chips. You ask "What have you done to my family and where is my computer?" The man replies "Your last name is now DeltaPIEALPHA62701, Your computer is now under control of the politico faction. Your wifes first name is 720 and your name is 450, oh and dont remove the tracking chips- its your only way of getting food rations, and cyanide will be released into your body if you do".

    Day 3: You hear a loud siren along with an amplified mans voice saying "Your new apartments are built! Soylent green is available at these apartments!"
    You drive to your new "apartment" which is in fact a hole in the ground. A man is waiting there- you ask "is this a joke?" he replies "No, are you saying you dont like your apartment?" you replie "Yes" he then replies "Well in that case I will have to impound your car"

    Day 4: you go into your job, to see that it has been replaced with a repetitive task of coding hello world programs- in all of the new computer langugages developed by al gore.

    Day 5: A man comes to your house demanding that each of you give up 1 limb+ all of your animals to help feed the poor. You say "But I am poor!" the man replys "Excellent then I wont need to transport the food anywhere!"

    The end. (you killed yourself...)

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    zzzzzz. Al Gore.. drugs... ducks... nautical miles...

    *wakes up*

    damnit, fell asleep on keyboard again.

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