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    Quote Originally Posted by Queatrix View Post

    I enjoyed that. I love movies like that. And then the movie is over and I go to bed.
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    So let me get this straight.

    Our government cannot balance the budget, fails to pass an immigration bill, cannot agree on anything even in their own parties, and yet has the ability to cover up an event that happened before millions of New Yorkers and millions more via TV and have managed to keep it covered for years? Right.

    I think you give them more credit than they deserve.

    As has been said there is simply no motive for them to do this. Both parties were going to go to war with Saddam eventually - Billy Bob just put it off for a long time. But it was in the works ever since the first go around. And we didn't attack Iraq immediately after. We went to Afghanistan. Now why in the world would Bush or anyone near him do the Afghan thing just to get to Iraq when most everyone in government would have already agreed to deal with Iraq - but perhaps by different means and in different ways?

    Regardless of your political party of choice, or none at all, all of these theories just seem ludicrous no matter how you look at them. Face it. What we saw on TV happened and it happened just as we saw it. Simple logic will suffice.
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    @Cheeze: They would fly a missile into a field so they can say a plane did, and no debrie was found at the site. What, the plane disinigrated as if though it was hit with a phaser? And I don't have to me an explosives expert. LOOK AT THE CRAZY VIDEO I GAVE A LINK TO! For crying out loud, you say you saw it, but what you say to me shows otherwise. In the film you see a group of fire-fighters that where explaining it, and I think they know a lot more than you do about the demolition of a building. And when the "airplane" hit the pentagon why did they cart most of the large debrie away so quickly to a military base where it's under guard? Huh!? You have a point about the wings be aluminium, but they would at least leave a scar of some kind on the walls, of which, there isn't any. Also, if a plane hit it the damage would decrase the deeper you go in, but it's just the opposite, like a missle would cause.

    @MacGyver: You say I belive what I do because of my age. That is utter stupidness, as many people your age belive the same thing. And there are people my age that think as stupidly as you do. So as you can see, age had nothing to do with this. It's meerly a weak excuse as to why you don't have to take what I am saying into conserdation. And here is a motive for you, by blaming the loss of many people and a natinal monument on the muslems, it gives bush an excuse to go slaughter them with the people of america saying "Yeah, their getting what they deserve.". So why would bush do this thing? For the oil. The whole world is held togeather by oil, and he and his family are invested heavily in it. And no that is also a "joke". And you bring up saucers for weather balloons, well, lets stay away from that for now, we can argue about flying saucers another time.

    You guys continue to bring up "eye wittness reports", those can be easily made up or them "wittness" can be lieing (with a motive, like money). But the true evidence (the pictures) arn't so easily made up.

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    You're not even worth it anymore. Seriously, you're really just a sad little kid. Hopefully you'll eventually realize that not everything is as interesting as you want it to be.

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    Wow. So you are going to wimp out on this "sad little kid" now. Ha.

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