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    My Latest Project

    From time to time, I create a game I think is worth showing. This one doubles as my AP Java final project:

    Drive around tanks and planes and try to destroy the enemy army.

    Eventually, I plan on releasing the source code, but it isn't quite done yet (I may even add multi-player if I can work up the will power).

    Although generally I'm a C++ person, I played around with Java for this one (it being a final project for the class and all), and I must say, Java has some beautiful stuff as far as geometry, 2d graphics, etc. goes.

    Anyways, enough ranting, any comments and criticism on the game are welcome.

    EDIT: We won't talk about the "rocketship."
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    Lol! "Mancode", is that supposed to be a penis?

    Pretty neat particles when you shoot stuff, the AI is a little "meh", some of the AI controlled players weren't moving. Don't know what that's about.

    I don't like the control for the airplane. How about using the mouse to descend/ascend (like you did with the tank turret), it feels weird using the arrows. And the inverted move you can do is kinda pointless.

    It's also kind of hard to tell who the enemy is. Maybe make the enemy face more obvious instead of a different colored hat.
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    Sentrals right about the IFoF system, I was driving around for five minutes not knowing what to shoot. The fact that this was made in java gets mad respect from me though.

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    You can't really avoid all the fragments after a plane goes down. That sucks. Pretty cool though.
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