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    Maybe after all this time I should try winning the very last Brood War mission. I never did. Everything else, no problem, but that one always got me. (Zerg was my weakest race.)
    All the buzzt!

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    I played too.

    I've had some great moments with Starcraft indeed. My friend made this one particular map while I was still trying to figure out how to play. It was made on the premise of stranding the computer player on an island with a miserable pile of ore and no vespene gas. Of course, at the time I first played that map, I ended up getting that spot.

    "guys what's vespene gas?"
    "lol noob"

    of course I can't really hold it against them. After I was killed by some mutalisks I went to my friends house and watched the battle over. That's when they discovered I got the worst seat in the house, so to speak.

    ... I remembered that better than I thought I would.

    Well, can't wait to play, regardless. Maybe we can make a clan or something.

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