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    GWBasic. My grandmother was a Cobol programmer and was visiting, I had this cute book where either illustrated robots (or aliens) talked in Basic, and I happened to have a computer with GWBasic.

    Eventually I got Qbasic (I wanted a compiler).

    A few years later, I picked up C after a friend of mine got into it along with HTML, which my friend was also into.

    I picked up C++ soon after (natural progression from C), along with Java (we used it at a summer program).

    When I got to college, I learned Scheme and LISP thanks to one of the department's intro classes, though I only fully grokked Scheme when I had to teach it.

    After taking an class on computability (and using Vim), I decided regular expressions were super. (Who'd think theory would be so practical?) Perl was a natural stepping stone. (I also had some experience with it from websites, of course.)

    Perl and CGI were a hassle, so I learned PHP, which I don't much like. It is not a hassle, but it is ugly.

    I picked up Ruby when I was involved in teaching a class that planned to use it, and I found it much to my liking, and tend to prefer it as scripting language over Perl.

    I've recently dabbled a bit in x86 assembly (primarily for debugging) and Erlang (just for fun).

    Nowadays, for work, I spend a fair amount of time programming in a custom CLIPS-like rules engine language that we implemented in house. (In addition to C++.)

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    And he forgot to mention that before he learned Qbasic...I was better at microworlds.

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