Thread: How did you begin?

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    I've used LOGO before. It was pretty fun actually. Not that I remember anything specific now.

    In grade school, at one point, we were allowed to play with a computer that had a turtle. I remember distinctly drawing castle walls.

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    That is what i thought it did too. Its very old now days mind, just goes to show how many languages there are in the world, and some odd ones too!
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    I learned Logo in school. Fun thing.

    And last year I used NetLogo, a system where you have hundreds or even thousands of parallel turtles. It's used for agent-based modelling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swgh View Post
    it was used a few years back in on elementary school systems to use "Turtle graphic" programming
    Oh that!

    I wouldn't call that a programming language. Just some kind of scripting thing.
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    Yes, an awesome 1K of memory to play with - that really forces you to pay attention
    IIRC, it was some kind of basic, but I can't remember the details.

    Initially using BBC Basic, and then later on 6502 assembler.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swgh View Post
    Did anyone ever use the LOGO language?
    Indeed. I started long ago on BASIC, and then rapidly switched to LOGO writer - I was better than the webmaster at LOGO writer. Then I went on to PASCAL --> C++ --> JAVA --> several psudo languages used for programming psychology research tools.

    Interestingly, I teach elementary school now and some of my students are still working in Logo Writer - it now goes under its company name Microworlds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swgh View Post
    Did anyone ever use the LOGO language?
    Oh, I did. Two years ago (I'm 15). It used the turtle, but I believe it was called MicroWorlds.

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    My learning went something like this (starting point around 2002, ending point about now):

    PHP -> Perl 5 -> C -> ??? -> Haskell, Erlang, Perl 6, others

    You're probably wondering what exactly happened in the middle area. So am I.

    In terms of hardware, first computer I can ever remember was my father's old MS-DOS system, way archaic but I had fun playing Midnight Rescue on it.
    Second computer was a laptop my sister obtained with Windows 3.1. I fiddled with this for a while.
    Then we got Windows 95.
    Then we got Windows ME and stuck with it for far too long.
    Now I have XP but primarily run GNU/Linux and OpenBSD.
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    It's a pretty long chain... and I got to be honest, Martin Gardner and Chaos and Fractals are probably half of where I am now in programming.

    1. Good old super-customized autoexec.bat
    2. QBasic, with some inspiration from my Dad (thanks dad). I still remember that 'game' I wrote, it was a text adventure about being on an island with treasure on it.
    3. High School! Every student was required to own a graphing calculator. Me and my mom saved some money by getting one of the HP calculators. Many were the prime number calculating programs and stuff that made beeps.
    4. College. For one semester took an intro class which was taught in Java.
    5. Summer Break. QBasic revisited. Game state searches kinda stuff. Let me just say, QBasic is a PITA. On the bright side, it was easy to make neat graphics programs.
    6. Summer Break #2. Downloaded DJGPP, and went through K&R (again, thanks dad).

    After K&R, I think I pretty much knew how to program. It was just a matter of finding applications.
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    Wrote a spreadsheet in eight grade to manage an NCAA basketball pool.
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    Me? I was into robotics (of all things . . .) then discovered microcontrollers. Then I discovered that I perfered writing programs for the microcontrollers rather than designing the robots. So, hence came BASIC. I tried GW-BASIC (this was in 2002 . . .) then decided I liked Liberty BASIC (made by Shoptalk) better. Then, expanding on my knowledge, I tried C, then decided I liked C++ better. Well, then I got to OOP, and, well, lets say that I hated it. So I switched back to C and have been learning it since.

    Currently, I use C, although I've taken courses in C++ and Java just for the sake of it. I mostly use Debian GNU/Linux but have been using an older laptop with Win98SE on it because my mom is monopolizing my usual comp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nvoigt View Post
    I'd completely forgottten about the Atari ST! While I didn't use it to program, it was a great gaming rig. I still wonder how many hours were wasted on that playing Bubble Bobble and Elite instead of doing homework

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    Currently, I use C, although I've taken courses in C++ and Java
    Its never a bad idea to have a variety of programming languges under your belt
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    I forgot most of php though.
    If I have more time, I would relearn php
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