Thread: Did anyone here ever have Windows 3.1

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    Did anyone here ever have Windows 3.1

    This is rather odd, but I have never had or seen Windows 3.1. I believe it was ther first Windows OS created my M$. If anyone had it, was it any good for the time it was around? Did it have the same sort of features as todays OS like Win XP and Vista?

    I have an old desktop pc that has WIndows 95 still runs fine too!
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    I've used Windows 3.1 on a Packard Bell. The hard drive had 800 MB capacity (today's hard drives are around 1 terabyte, over a thousand times bigger) and the processor was something like 533 MHz or something. I don't recall the interface that well because, back then, I almost never used the computer outside DOS. Strange as it seems, I have a program on my hard drive that is from Windows 3.1 (made in May of 1994 - WinDAT). I've never seen Windows 95 nor Me, NT, or 2000. I have seen Windows 98 SE and XP Pro and only brief bits of Windows Vista (from on CNN Headline News).
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    I had an Intel 386 running several versions of Windows 3.1x. I have to say that it was a welcome change from the console, since for the very first time, you were able to have a GUI !! (woohoo!) It was so unbelievably great, I played Monkey Island all the time. It's probably the same difference as using a text-browser (lynx) vs. the latest Firefox version.

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    Even I had a old computer with Win 3.1. I remember on time me and a friend wanted to get our computers into network. I think I was around 10 and was kind of lost when it came to computers. We tried to link them with the power supplies =\

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    Around this time I had a 286 that ran some version of DOS, and then a 386 that ran DOS + Windows 3.1. Microsoft Arcade ran in Windows 3.1... I still have a copy of it, and it still works for Windows XP. Good times.

    If you have Windows 98 (and maybe XP), you might be able to start -> run -> progman.exe and get an idea of how Windows Program Manager worked. It doesn't really look much like Windows 3.1, but you can get an idea of what we had to deal with a few years ago.

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    I had 3.1 and 3.11 (3.11 was just an update, right? I always thought it was a separate version until I just wrote it down there. Was 3.0 like 98 and 3.1 was 98 SE? BSOD? Were they around back then? The blue screens?), I think. I remember getting very easily frustrated though But I was about ... 10 or so when I was using it so that's fair enough.

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    >If anyone had it, was it any good for the time it was around?
    Given the choices at the time of an Apple, DOS, and Windows 3.1, I'm surprised Apple doesn't presently have the majority of the personal computer market share.
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    I'm not. That was when Microsoft held OEMs by the balls. "Bundle our stuff or we cut you out for good!". Wouldn't it have been great if a few of them grew a backbone and said "Fine" before developing their own OS?

    Due to the explosion in the IBM compatible market Apple became rather expensive in comparison.

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    Holy crap this thread makes me feel old

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    The first Windows by MS was Windows 1.0, duh!

    Which, by the way, was a piece of turd covered in bugs.

    Windows 3.0 was the first really usable Windows, and Windows 3.1 was better.

    The reason Apple didn't gain market share was that IBM-compatibles running DOS had nearly all of it and the applications didn't exist for Apples. So nobody wanted to switch. Windows, since it was just a layer over DOS, could run those apps, Apples could not.
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    I was playing with Windows 3.11 in grade school. It's not that rare I think.

    I did like the Johnny Castaway screen saver.

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    I bought a copy of Windows 268 and a copy of Windows 386 at a book sale (of all things . . .) about a year ago. Haven't tried them yet, as the 268 version (that will run on my old comp) comes on 5.25" floppies (which the old comp doesn't have), and the '368 comes on 1.44MB floppies (which the comp _also_ doesn't have, and besides, it's a 286).

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    Windows 3.1 on a 25 MHz 486 processor, with a 170 MB hard drive, 12 MB of RAM, a 2x CD ROM drive... It was the greatest minesweeper machine ever made.
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    First copy of Pagemaker I ever had (when Aldus owned it) ran on a Windows 286 runtime version - it started when you started Pagemaker, and stopped when you exited Pagemaker.
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