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    Exclamation Programming Problem

    Hi all, I just wanted to know which programming language I should learn because I do not like C++ now days (Been learning C++). I know the basics but I need something interesting to learn and program.
    I am also good at Web Design and coding, I'd like anything similar to this is available then I am ready to learn. Can anyone suggest me which programming language I should switch on to?
    Thank you.

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    • "Problem Solving C++, The Object of Programming" -Walter Savitch
    • "Data Structures and Other Objects using C++" -Walter Savitch
    • "Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers" -Kip Irvine
    • "Programming Windows, 5th edition" -Charles Petzold
    • "Visual C++ MFC Programming by Example" -John E. Swanke
    • "Network Programming Windows" -Jones/Ohlund
    • "Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours" -Michael Morrison
    • "Mathmatics for 3D Game Programming & Computer Graphics" -Eric Lengyel

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    Agreed. Java.

    If you understand the basic idea of C/C++, but you want to focus more on concepts and such without focussing on pointers, and memory management, Java will probably help you out. After you learn Java, depending upon your level of success with it, though, you might find out that C++ will become easier.

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    Completely inappropriate forum. Moved.
    All the buzzt!

    "There is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be, any programming language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad code."
    - Flon's Law

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    Thank you Brain, and Mac
    I will start learning Java now.
    Thanks again.

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    Don't thank us unless you actually like Java.

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    I think java is a good starter for class programming, while a pretty bad introduction to logic behind the stl and stl like classes. Java's Container classes are so backwards to me, even when generics are introduced. I started off really learning programming with java, but I do nothing but C++, and I thank java for helping me with that. Not to mention java has a lot of built in stuff which I can't say for C++, mainly multithreading and sockets.

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    Learn assembly language and binary, hexadecimal, etc., if you wanna know how
    computers work, and I'd say learn C, since it's close to assembly language.

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