>>>When that article hits the stands we expect at least 20,000 hits. LOL.

Actually PC Magazine is the magazine when it comes to computer related information.<<<

And that is a good expectation. This is why you need to finish up the site. The rules are the same for a small art business' as they are for a high potential computer sites. (computers and porn are the highest traffic getters on the net). The boards will keep some of the 20K, but you need more content (much like this website also does... though FD has none really).

I am not arguing that the article is a bad thing. You will get a lot of people that will come and go, and a few will stay. If you were listed first in all of the search engines for your higher end topics, you would get tens of thousands of visits per day. Hence the article is a nice boost, but you gotta keep it going. Slow and steady wins the race.

(much like me being listed first for my topics and getting 200+ per day, which is way more than most artist sites get)

Try to see the sense in that through the liquor

(edit... I had to post this... I spent the time to write it...)