I just recently got done writing an article on creating a packet sniffer in Haskell, and was wondering if some of you guys would take the time to give me feedback on it.

You can download the source from http://anapnea.net/~thoughtpolice/hsns-0.5.1.tar.gz or if for some freakish reason you need a mirror...
If you have darcs, you can download the repo by running:
darcs get --set-scripts-executable http://anapnea.net/~thoughtpolice/hsns

Build instructions are included in the README. You will need GHC installed. Currently it will only build on *nix and requires both pcap and the Network.Pcap haskell library (Network.Pcap binds to pcap, but does not work with winpcap currently.)

If you take the time to try it, I'd really appreciate any and all feedback. So far, it has only been tested on both Debian and Archlinux with GHC 6.6. So if anybody can report it to work on other compilers/systems or if you find a bug, I'd appreciate it if you'd post here.