Thread: Spam, Bam!!!!

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    Firefox with spell checker is your friend.

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    Whoa I didn't realise that (blank) page still existed. Thought the mods would've taken it down after my... bad behaviour. Maybe I should actually write something about myself.
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    BTW, Queatrix, I think you have to be logged in to CBoard to access

    [edit] Also, all of the download links from your website link to filenames with backslashes in them, which turns into:
    You need to use forward slashes.

    Also, from
    Program made my Queatrix.
    "my" -> "by".

    Also, this code, from
    #define KEYDOWN(vk_code) ((GetAsyncKeyState(vk_code) & 0x8000) ? 1 : 0)
    #define KEYUP(vk_code)   ((GetAsyncKeyState(vk_code) & 0x8000) ? 0 : 1)
    could be just
    #define KEYDOWN(vk_code) (GetAsyncKeyState(vk_code) & 0x8000)
    #define KEYUP(vk_code)   (GetAsyncKeyState(vk_code) & 0x8000)
    because you don't assign variables to the result, you just check it for truth. (1==1 returns a true value, usually 1, but it can be something else.)

    BTW, thanks for that recorder program . . . it's given me an idea. [/edit]
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    >> BTW, thanks for that recorder program . . . it's given me an idea.

    Whats that?

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