Thread: programming chat (take two)

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    programming chat (take two)

    For those of you around on the last version of the cboard - you may remember my attempts at creating a programmers chat room. In theory this is great - live chat between programmers. However if i recall correctly it attracted about 7 people and they were not logged in at the same time (!). Highest chatter record was in fact a rather poor 3 and that included me.

    So the question is if i were to reinstate it - would it be used?

    Please be honest - if you think its the worst idea since the Mac then let me know.

    cheers guys.
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    Maybe a link from the top of the board, something like:

    Live IRC Chat (6 users online)

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    That would be pretty cool... if it were used. I probably would when I get an evening free of work.

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