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    Movie Theatre projection technology

    I didn't think much of movie theatres and their technology. Sadly many of them are severely lagging behind the tech and showing their age. However I just went to my local theatre here and they had brand new DLP technology digital projectors.

    I must say being a gamer and all my eyes can pick out the smalles flaws in picture quality. These new projectors are simply amazing. The picture is crystal, and I mean crystal, clear with no fuzz or interference whatsoever. We watched a computer animated movie and saw previews for Shrek 3 and it was almost as if you were watching it on your home computer at extremely high resolution.
    This will force special effects to get better b/c these new projectors will NOT be forgiving on blue screen/green screen errors and flaws.

    Any of you that have not seen this new technology need to go see a movie on one of these things. Amazing........and I'm not amazed by much.

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    Our main multiplex cinema recently acquired digital 3D projects for Disney's "Meet the Robinsons 3D" and even though I didn't give much about the movie, I went to see it, just to see how good the 3D technology would actually perform.
    I was absolutely amazed at what was possible with the 3D technology. The immersion is great and the effects they achieve absolutely spectacular. I can't wait for the first movies to be released with that technology, I know that Nightmare before Christmas exists in 3D and that James Cameron's Avatar will be in 3D too.

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    I'm off to our local(ish) Apollo this afternoon (Mr. Bean's Holiday or 300), haven't been for ages. Maybe they've stopped using ye olde projector...e. If not, I'm 90% certain that "The Vue" in Swansea does, I mean it's just been built and looks really modern from the outside.
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    I hope you saw the 300 there, Bubba.

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