Here at work we have run into a sort of dilemma. A new building is being built here on campus, and inside this building they are going to place a few touch screen kiosks. It has been assigned as our task to build the interface and application that will run on these kiosks.

The catch is that these kiosks will be dual-monitor. A user will approach the kiosk, and interact with the touch screen, and select some sort of option. When an option is selected, a quicktime movie will be initiated and will play on the 2nd monitor. Therefore, each kiosk will be dual monitor: one 15" touch screen and one 42" plasma screen.

We have been discussing what we should use to build this application. Our first thought was to build it using iShell, but after some initial testing, it seems as if that might not be possible. The primary reason is because iShell does not seem to handle two monitors that well. Although we can specify the size the window of the application to cover two monitors, it will not actually reach that size until we physically drag it with the mouse. In addition, iShell does not support two separate windows per application. We were hoping to have one window on the 15" monitor handling the touch screen, and then a separate window on the big screen handling the quicktime. We have tried a myriad of other options, even interfacing with the iShell development team during the process, but it doesn't seem like iShell will work for this project.

So we are looking for a different tool. We would like to stay away from Flash. We have been checking out LiveStage on the Totally Hip website, but have yet to install it and test it.

I just wanted to come on here and see if anyone had any suggestions on an app we could use for this project. What do yall think?