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    Natural Loop Varible

    When I write a loop, I always naturaly use the varible n.a. I know it seems wierd but quite a while ago, I wrote
    struct LOOP { int a, c, d, e, f, g; }; LOOP n;
    in my program for loops becuase I already had a being used as a string, and now it's stuck with me, and I have and use it in practicly ALL my programs. Whats your natural loop varible?

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    Not to be egotistical or anything, but it is i.
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    i. if it's nested, j k l etc.

    If it's an iterator I use some name to indicate it's an iterator to a type of data structure

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    index, callNum, session, etc depending on object type I'm iterating
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    i, j, k, l for loops. iter, iter2, iter3 for iterators.
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    x, y, z and then sometimes a, b etc or rarely i and j. (Usually I don't have that many loops though.)

    I must say that Queatrix's loop variables are probably unique.

    There was a thread much like this a while ago . . . maybe it got lost in the board restore.

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    i normally. However, depending on the order of nesting it will start with k or j. Then it goes into ii, ij, ik, ji, jj, jk ... I think ye get the idea.

    I made that up. Sorry.

    i, j, k .... I use single letter variables for my iterator thingys, or a c for a colouring class, m for a menu class, and a d for a default class. To be honest if I have to use i, j, k, l (here I would run into problems), and one more I should probably have to rethink the code I'm writing.

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    i used to use count, count2, count3, etc..
    but that took too long to type
    i changed to i and j, i never nested more than 2 for loops since that change

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    i, j, k. Very rarely will I do other index variables for loops, at least not for for loops.

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    I would use i, j, k if there was no context or for examples, but that rarely happens. I find myself using index a lot since most of my integer for loops involve indexes in an array-style container. I also use current_[object name] for iterators. Anything else I try to give explicit variable names as well, just like any other variable.

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    i for single for loops.

    j,k,l for nested for loops.

    index, offset for non-for loops.

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    Always i for single, j,k,l for nested (I've never gotten to m, thankfully).
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    There was a thread much like this a while ago . . . maybe it got lost in the board restore.
    That was my thread. It was a little while back. I asked if i j and k variable names were taken from the Fortran language. I think Prelude said I was correct, but all variables have been this way. Hmm, I remember using short variable names when I used to code in BASIC for the Acorn systems back in the early 90's. I miss this:

    LET A = 200
    ahh, memories... :P
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    Usually i, j, k... although many times I'll use loop, loop1, loop2, etc..
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    Using i, j, k as index variables is older than programming. Those are the standard indexing variables for math proofs as well.
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