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Thread: Wiki FAQ

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    Registered User Queatrix's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    Wink Wiki FAQ

    How about DOING it this time?
    In light of what just happened, I think the % of 4 votes will be higher this time.
    Sorry Koni, but I beat you to it.

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    Slave MadCow257's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    Is it for common c/c++ things? I missed the other thread

    how about an approval system like at urban dictionary to avoid vandalism

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    Lurking whiteflags's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    United States
    The approval system doesn't work either.

    This was discussed because a handful of people wanted to convert into a wiki style site, which sooned derailed into a discussion about server error codes when dwks mentioned all the links an overhaul would break.

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    The only problem with the FAQ is that it's not used enough. This needs to be fixed, and going wiki-style won't help that.
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    Given how busy the admins seem to be, I don't know whether a cboard sponsored wiki-faq will be created any time soon. I do think it's a good idea, though.

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    Its hard... But im here swgh's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    I voted yes, but like daved said, it takes time to set it up, so don't expect to see it any time in the near future
    Double Helix STL

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    Maybe it would be possible to create a new subdomain on cprogramming, like and give several trusted forum users ftp and sql access. That way, they could install and configure the new system in a closed environment (sandbox) without interrupting the traffic on the working site.
    As soon as everything is in place, the content policies have been decided, the different sections, topics and rules have been made up, the moderation policies are implemented, the FAQ entries migrated and a PHP script installed that automatically forwards the current FAQ links to the new sections (which is absolutely possible,rejoice), we only have to change the FAQ link on the main page to the new section.

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