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    Well if ye really care there's a video of me playing the guitar here and here, the latter giving a clearer view of me, the former being my preferred video, but they're both really sloppy to be honest (guitar wise). They were taken on my phone's camera so the quality is simply mint!

    PS - I wouldn't mind more ratings the higher the better :P
    PPS - This is probably my fav of the moment
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    That is me in June 2006 with my girlfriend. My hair is a lot longer now, down past my chin a little.

    I don't really have a camera or picture of my 'rig' (when I hear rig, I think truck of some sort, I call it a computer a box.) Dual 17in monitors, with my laptop on a TV tray next to me, assorted cans of soda litter my desk, along with the peel of an orange right now.

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