Thread: visual basic not working?

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    visual basic not working?

    Hmm, I have not touched visual basic 6 in quite some time. I tried firing her up, and I get 'unexpected error, quitting.' I believe the problem is that I installed visual studio on this computer by just transferring the folder across my network onto my new laptop. I formatted the other hard drive, so I don't know what directory it is 'supposed' to be in. Where is it installed on your computers? I've currently got it on my desktop, ha, but visual C++ 6 still works fine!

    I wanted to use VB to write some simple apps to help me and my friends study for our anal, I mean, final exams.
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    You can't just transfer VB. It comes with a lot of ActiveX components, and they all need to be registered in the registry. Not to mention whatever other things VB does to the poor registry.
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    Shouldn't this be in tech.....?
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    I second that vote.
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    Component registration is pretty standard fare, not just VB does it. :P Anyways BobMcGee123, you'll need to reinstall it, no way around it.
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    Hmm, I wonder why visual C++ still works without the regular reinstall (booted up fine after just transferring the file across the network, ha). Guess VB just wants to obfuscate things more, go figure. Yeah this should be in the tech forum, sorry.
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    VB is dependant on ActiveX components that need to be registered.

    VC just isnt. You'll probably run into trouble if you try to make an MFC program in VC with ActiveX support

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