Thread: cd/dvd drive issues

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    cd/dvd drive issues

    recently built my own pc and overall it works mostly fine except the lovely cd drive which is a pioner DVR-710 dvdburner/cdburner. a new one from best buy for xmas. i had a dell one in ehre before but i replaced and the dell one used to burn dvds at least but then it stopped doing that all together.

    i reads dvds fine normally though like cds it can be prone to not reading something

    it reads most cds fine except music cds it sometimes wont read but its usually ok(though still puzzled why sometimes it wont load after i try and rip too many it will just stop or its just funky in general) but when i got to burn a dvd or cd music or data it wont detect theres a burner.

    now before i go taking this to a shop to look at because i cant find a solution? does anyone have any solutions?

    i use nero which came with it nero 7 and windows media player wont detect a burner either or real player. yet windows says this device is working fine

    any ideas?

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    Do you have the most updated drivers installed?

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    like microsoft updates? or the burners website? cause it said i had the most recent firmware update for it on the pioneer website

    havent checked microsoft though

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    Strangely enough my experiences seem to point to current consumer burners not being terribly hardy compared to those of a couple years ago.

    Take the LG in here, bought at the beginning of last year. Burns "everything", CD-R/DVR+-R/R DL/W/RAM but isn't too good at reading certain discs and if you leave the computer on for a couple days it loses its ability to write working discs and thinks everything's a DVD-ROM.

    I'd love to get an update for it but unfortunately LG have already moved on. That just seems to be the way it is at the moment.

    You could save yourself a fair bit of hassle by fishing out an old CD writer from an old PC you may still have.

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    Maybe you have a virtual CD softaware (e.g. Virtual CD, Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%, etc) installed. These softwares can give you side effects like this. I've got the same problem before. The drive can't be recognized even by Windows Explorer. Yet in the Device Manager it said no problem. I think it went away when I reinstalled Windows.
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