Thread: Speed of C++

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    everyone seems to be in favor of Java.

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    More, we are in favor of other languages existing for other purposes. The bashing of a language for no good reason (which is the case here) causes us to become defensive of it. The majority of us on here have open minds about software development.

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    You use the language that's suited for the particular's as simple as that.
    cout << "Language comparisons are dumb";
    echo("Language comparisons are dumb");
    PRINT "Language comparisons are dumb"
    alert ("Language comparisons are dumb")

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    Quote Originally Posted by orion-
    everyone seems to be in favor of Java.
    It may seem that way, but it's a matter of being objective. If you look at the example :davis: posted, the program startup time is also being timed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobthebullet990
    nope... its an external DSP board, the Texas Instruments 6711 DSK, but with the PCM3003 Audio daughter card to get sampling rates of 48khz cause onboard codecs are only 8khz which isn't good for audio effects!!!

    Its similar in the idea to a professional effects unit, such as the EFX1000 by pioneer, but obviously nowhere near the complexity and functionality of that thing!!! ...but the idea is for streaming audio, either for DJ use or even guitar effects! ...It has an input port, for the input data obviously, and an output port... for the output audio, connect this to ur amp and u have an effects unit!

    Its only so I could try something new; DSP programming and understand a bit more about audio effects, as my hobby is DJ'ing! so it is very interesting for me!
    Cool. I dj/produce too.
    What kind of music you spin?

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