Thread: I got my first programming job!

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    Hmm... working at a bank seems to me a good thing. Not all business is bad business. What's wrong? Anyways, I was being more specific towards accounting, inventory, sales management... that type of software.
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    Well so far I've logged over ten hours on this. The work is kind of boring, but I've discovered that I really like GUI programming. Nothing I've done with this so far has been very challenging though. Although it's actually kind of nice to let my mind relax a little doing something like this, after spending so much time doing 3D stuff.

    I'm going to show what I have to the boss this weekend, to make sure I'm going in the right direction before I go any farther. Although I really have left to do is spreadsheet printing and database storage. Hopefully then I'll get an indication of how much I'm going to make on this.
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