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    Two words. Wasted horsepower. Let's see how much BS we can cram into an OS to simply waste horsepower.
    One word: economy

    Create a new OS, put some fancy stuff in it. Ask for more horsepower and sell more hardware. It's all related to each other.

    I installed the VistaUpgradeAdvisor a while back, and it was telling me I should get a new video card. I am perfectly happy with my video card, and I dont intend on changing to Vista soon.

    Thats where imo is the big difference between linux and windows platforms. Linux is being developed into so many flavours that there has to be at least one version that suits your needs. Check xubuntu for example its doing the opposite of where windows is heading, minimal system requirements for maximal output.

    But alot of people will go and get themselves a new video card ( or even a new pc ) just to make sure that Vista will run "smooth" on it...

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    I don't really see the huge dilemma, you said it yourself that C/C++ will be used for a long time to come but Microsoft cannot make a simplified gaming platform for their own semi-closed community?

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    >> Almost 30 years ago, Bill Gates said "640k ought to be enough for anyone".

    Who was it that said "The world only needs five computers", again? Times change! Needs change. Desires change. Possibilities change!

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    i agree the tutorials that come with that thing are garbage which is pretty standard of microsoft written documents that have a habit of being randomly helpful but the xna ones id have to agree flat out suck.

    but try

    i started to look at it and it was pretty good and really does start out for the noobs of programming. and its a video instructions they are free and well done well i only saw 4 before i got sick and now school just started to so ya but first 4 were pretty solid i wish the guy was better at english but hes understandable and considering its a free service im not complaining at the quality of it so far

    though i do have to wonder why this was C# released and not C or C++ as people have said i doubt it needs to be replaced or should be since C# isnt a game developer proven langauge.

    but eh whatever i want to get into game design so ill take this route and see how it goes with C#

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    If you want to get into game design take the route everyone else does. C++.

    I really never understood this whole game engine/studio/whatever concept. It has been tried for so many years its not fun anymore. And it always failed. I think it speaks for itself.
    Originally Posted by brewbuck:
    Reimplementing a large system in another language to get a 25% performance boost is nonsense. It would be cheaper to just get a computer which is 25% faster.

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    well i was just hoping to use it as a starting ground i might not end up liking C# or using it but if it helps me figure out more of what its all about then im all for it

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    For games use C++ and Direct3D or OpenGL/DirectX. Anything else is wasting your time.

    I wish people would stop trying to be different and use ancient and/or obscure technologies to try to do what can be done with very robust and very accessible common API's and languages.
    It just baffles me.

    But if you want to do things the hard way then you can.

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