Thread: i dont even know what hacking means anymore

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    ok ok, i grew tired of this debade a while ago. just love computing for what it is i say,

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    Quote Originally Posted by mas0
    cracker. depending now. are you hex editing by yourself OR watching videos or reading step by step guides on how to do it(step by step guide for the program in question?) then again.... this is another definition of cracker, because the type of crackers who have that goal are usually in groups and they do release the cracks for the public for free. however some have money making motives OR malicious intent for example backdooring their pages or making money thru ads and so on.
    I never do it with the intent of making money off of it, and I also never release the changed versions to the public, I keep them for myself (selfish). I also do it solo without any help at all, no videos or guides on how to do it. I've also never been part of any groups.

    The terms probably are subjective, but the definitions I go by are the ones established long before "hacker" was an undying media buzzword.
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