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    > what about mask or hat? BTW, what's the diferrence of helm and helmet?

    A mask would be ok. I could add it, although I'm not sure if oriental masks (the only I know of being used in military affairs) were used as protection or simply as fear-factor.

    The helm and helmet are not different, at least from what I know. The two words are so common though that I decided to add them both so you can find a Knight's Helmet of Vision and a Broken Helm of the Giants.


    Excellent! Thanks. My footwear list was too short
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nodtveidt
    In the modern age, "helm" usually refers to an armored helmet, whereas "helmet" could refer to any kind of headpiece, such as an engineer's helmet.
    That's it, when I'm out in the field the next couple days, I will not be wearing a hardhat, I will be wearing a Helm of Engineering +5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mario F.

    Excellent! Thanks. My footwear list was too short

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    A question for Mario, what's in the armory so far?
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