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    Rocketmagnet, you might be interested in seeing these comments on a similar feature discussed at the community forum of SlickEdit, a nice text editor, that has support for this feature in Java but not C++:

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    Very interesting reading.

    I went the extra mile and bought SlickEdit recently. I did experience the "refactoring on malformed code" issue.

    However, while I see the point of the article there is one thing I can probably see implemented in the future, Code Insight perhaps being one of the pioneers; syntax errors being dynamically flagged.

    While still complex I would assume it would be doable to have a parser built around the language grammar only.
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    many thanks. That was a very interesting read. I am pleased to know that other people are already thinking about this problem, and actively tackling it. Really, that is all I wanted to know.

    One day I will have live compilation. I am happy.


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    Hi guys,
    sorry to drag this topic up again, but I was reading this on another forum, and figured it was an example of what I was talking about:

    Ignore all the C vs ASM arguments It shows that it can sometimes be quite surprising what code is generated by the compiler. In this case (and in others I'm sure) making some changes to the C produced *much* better ASM.

    I suspect (but can't prove) that much of the "just write it and trust the compiler to do it perfectly" is too optimistic. We can help our compiler produce better code, we just need to close that feedback loop.


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