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    return from main

    dos prog on windows95 machine

    A return value of 0 from main signals all is fine any other value indicates some sort of error but where do these returns from main go to I know they go to the operating system but where and why because my program/compiler will indicate any errors if there are any.

    thanks for the help.
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    The return from main() running under DOS can be accessed in DOS using "errorlevel" and used with "if" in a DOS bat file.

    if errorlevel 4 goto four
    if errorlevel 3 goto three
    and so on

    goto exit

    echo In four
    goto exit

    echo In three
    goto exit

    and so on


    Note that DOS will 'goto' on any errorlevel larger than the one given so the errorlevels should be checked in desending order.
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