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    If you know C well then the switch to C++ shouldn't be too hard.

    I have been learning C++ for three years and learnt some C at school. There is still much of the language I do not know and am still learning new bits and peices each day. As with C, id say the hardest topics to grasp is memory management, ie: pointers (malloc() ) in C and file reading was a little difficult to grasp I find too.

    If you are a dedicated C programmer and are looking to switch to C++ then prepeare to see the C langauge stretched and altered in ways you never thought possible
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    I started having some interest to programming back in my junior high days (in 1995 I think). Back then I experimented with batch file scripting autodidacly with my 386 (did the recursive and infinite looped batch file back then). And then playing some quick basic autodidacly also. And with PC-tools I started hacking the MS-DOS (well, not hacking actually, only changing the command names, the version string, the help sentences if you add "/?" after a command, etc, with PC-Tools' hex editor ) autodidacly. And in senior high, I programmed with Turbo Pascal because it's one of the extra curricular in my school. I just found out about C/C++ in my college days. And liked it since I found out most games were programmed by it.

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    I have learned C++ for 3 months. I learn it just because it is a core subject of my programme. Until now, I still can't get used to it even though I put quite a lot of effort to try to understand it. Hope it goes better later.

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