Thread: So what cars do you guys drive?

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    i spent 6 months learning to drive, did 10 lessons costing £22 each. and then £50 for my provisional, then £35 for my 3 tests (failed twice), and then i have to pay stupid amounts for insurance, and 91p a litre for petrol! shocking.

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    govtcheez and Prelude:
    How do you like your Saturns? We may have to buy my wife a new car soon. She's been eyeing a few cars, one of which is a Saturn something-or-other.
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    If it helps, I'm not a huge fan of their vehicles. I almost lost my sister because they'll scrunch up like an accordion if you crash them.

    ... Why do I always have some horrible viewpoint to share on awesome topics?

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    I don't know...I hate it when that happens to me...Glad that your sister survived, though
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    >i bet some of you guys in america have 6 litre beasts or sommin

    well... 99 Chevy Silverado 5.3 litre V8 (slightly modified) Its not quite 6 litres but close enough for what I need
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    Quote Originally Posted by Decrypt
    Saturn something-or-other.
    Lemme guess... the Saturn Sky.
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    > How do you like your Saturns?

    Meh, it's a car. I do like that you can get a semi-luxury Saturn without a piddly 4 banger now, but I'm sure Prelude's car gets way better mileage than mine as a result. This is my second Saturn, and I don't plan on buying another one.

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    I bought a V6 GM Alero, which while pretty nice, has needed its fair share of repairs. Moral of the story: when you have 4 grand, don't buy the 3 grand car, buy the 2 grand car, and be prepared to use the rest eventually.

    Still, I do love the car, even if it has played a significant part in holding back my computer upgrades.
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    BMW E36 318is With full Engine and body Motorsport kit
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    I have a 2005 Dodge Neon SRT4, 2.4L HO turbo-charged engine (0 to 60 in 5.2 to 5.4), 5 speed manual, 4 wheel brembo disc brakes (60 to 0 in <120ft), and more stuff than I care to list.

    But I'm paying too much for it, it's gas tank is far too small (12.5 gallons), it doesn't hook up well through top 1st to mid 2nd gear, the tranny takes its time getting into gear, and it's a 4 door car which is not my preference.

    BTW, my father has an Alero and has had over $5000 in repairs done.
    - 2 Wheel bearings (both on the RH side), 2 failures in 2 months
    - Power window (driver side) mechanism broke
    - Intake manifold (as is the case with all current GM's using the plastic intake manifold)
    - Theft-proof ignition system failed and car would not start (car thought it was being stolen)

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    Lemme see, my first car was a Ford V8 Truck. . . now Dad and I use it to haul wood.

    My second car I stole fair and square from my mom -- Chevy Cavalier '93 (used 8K miles). . .

    My current car I ordered from the factory -- Chevy Cavalier 2003 (had 8 miles).

    I bought my wife a Jeep wrangler. . . gas guzzler there. . . a wopping 18 MPG. . .

    My first Cavalier was a good-lil car 300,000 miles it made. . . I couldn't part with it. . . I haven't cranked the sucker in 2 years. . .

    Guess there won't be a Cavalier at my house again, bummer (Chevy says 2005 was last Cavalier).

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    hmm... being English im gonna have to say, what the hells a Saturn and an Alero? by Cavalier im sure you dont mean a Vauxhall Cavalier. lol

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    My car is: the bus.
    NB: Wish that I can have my own car. But I've got to learn how to ride it first.

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    I've got a Yugo, but i can't drive it yet. 'Cause i'm 17.
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    Can't you have a limited driver license?
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