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    Quote Originally Posted by BobMcGee123
    Have you played counter strike? It's really the same thing. When I fired my first assult rifle I jumped from a 40 foot ledge while spraying bullets, then I strafe jumped across the street while reloading, threw a hand grenade and then knifed the neighbor's dog.

    True story, other people were there.
    Yeah... in my bullet dodging class, we're learning the art of bunny hopping through a spray of M-249 rounds. Next week, we're learning to reload while doing it.
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    I went to a range once (west edmonton mall). I shot a Glock 9mm and a barretta 9mm. Kinda fun but not something I'd do a lot of. (I got a dead centre bullseye with the Glock though, BOOM HEAD SHOT).

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    Don't have any in Indonesia. It's waay out of my league as it costs ALOT to buy and get the license from the police. Although if I can have them, I'll be delighted to have H&K CAWS or Pancor Jackhammer like the ones in Fallout (my favourite guns in the game ).

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