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    Google is the best language! Yay!

    It is quite easy though. It's dictionary consists of all words of all languages in the world and it's grammar is quite simple (-, site:, define: etc.).
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidP
    >Does pig latin count?

    According to Google it counts.
    It also counts Elmer Fud as a language. The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button turns into "I'm Feewing Wucky".

    Now imagine putting that on your resume...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Phoenix
    Yeah, I have always heard that English is a very difficult language to learn for people not born in America.
    Simply not true... several of my friends speak fluent English, despite being born elsewhere. Some of them have won awards for their writing. Difficult, perhaps in the sense of being in a new country and not understanding people, but doable.

    I speak English. Supposedly, after three years of French class, I can speak a bit of French too.
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