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    Web Template

    I'm throwing together a website for a local realtor, and wondered what you guys thought of the design I came up with.

    Most of it hasn't been created yet (so none of the links will take you anywhere, login, etc.), but I'm trying to get the design down first. What do you like/dislike/hate about it?
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    I don't like the sky blue color and the white->blue gradient. The actual design and shapes look good, though. And perhaps you could add some sort of soft edge to the photo? It would also look nice if you choose more Sans-Serif fonts (personally I don't like too much Serifs on websites).

    Just my 2 cents.

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    The blue gradient is not very good and the borders of the sections don't look very good either.
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    The CProg community is tough on critisizing a persons website....They are never happy!
    I think the buttons should be bigger and moved down more
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    I like the gradient, but I noticed in the past that I'm somewhat odd in that regard.

    However, I don't like the light blue buttons on the dark blue background, and they should definitely use a sans-serif font.
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