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    Saw this on slashdot, had to try it. All you OSX users can try it for yourselves too, I've put the output below.

    [18:36:19 tmp]$ cat main.c
    #include <stdio.h>

    int main(int argc, int* argv[]) {
    printf("%s", 0xFFFF1600);
    return 0;
    [18:36:37 tmp]$ gcc main.c -o test
    [18:36:44 tmp]$ ./test
    Your karma check for today:
    There once was was a user that whined
    his existing OS was so blind,
    he'd do better to pirate
    an OS that ran great
    but found his hardware declined.
    Please don't steal Mac OS!
    Really, that's way uncool.
    (C) Apple Computer, Inc.U??VWS?5P[18:36:47 tmp]$
    [18:36:50 tmp]$

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    ah, I love macs. On win (which I am forced to use most of the time) that same message would be about 10 pages of pure legalese.
    Silence is better than unmeaning words.
    - Pythagoras
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    Of course you could argue that you pay less for all that legalese...

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